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Yup, I’m gonna say it:

Arya and the Hound are so boring together. They’ve taken away all of what makes her story interesting. And I think Maisie’s acting choices (/the direction the producers are pointing her towards) are really boring, amateurish, and really incongruent to her storyline. Any subtlety or depth she may have displayed in previous scenes (her scenes with Ned, the beheading, How do you sleep, etc) are gone. She’s defaulting to blank-stares and evil smirks to convey despondence and how cold and detached Arya has become, and it’s really disappointing.

What happened to “We need to go back for my mother?” What happened to Arya being overwhelmingly depressed by the murders of her entire family? What happened to Arya seeing the horrible cost of war on the small folk? What happened to Arya wanting to go to the Wall to see Jon—her last known living relative (who would recognize her at least)?

What happened to Arya?

I’m going to hazard a guess that she went the way of Sansa’s storyline and character growth: it’s just too hard for the writers to convey subtlety and depth when it comes to the story of a teenage girl.

Hell, they couldn’t even keep up the depth of Jaime’s characterization before they demolished it with that scene and he’s a grown white man.


There’s something seriously wrong when a tv network believes that it’s audience would rather see Jaime Lannister rape Cersei instead of enjoying consensual sex with the woman he loves. HBO’s insistence on adding extra violence towards women in the series is truly disgusting.

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Fall in Love With Me by Iggy Pop

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"You’ll be fine, my lady. You are stronger than you think."
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